Jump Simba App Reviews

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Great app

So much fun!! My grandsons love this app. Well done.


Good game, very addicting! Sometimes the tall obstacles are too close together to be able to clear without losing a few lives, so it makes it hard to progress past level 3.


Hi I'm a 8 year old and I love the lion king sooo much!! This is the part where he goes back to take his place as the king from scar


Cute but hard.Stile love it.

Lion king

It is when simba returns to pride rock to avenge scar

Best App Ever

This game is spectacular and life changing. The little lion is so adorable! It makes the Lion King proud. Also, the way he does a quadrupole backflip when he dies is fantastic. Cute stuff.

Play cute!

I love this game it is hard but it is really cute :) I love the lion king

Hard but cute

It is very cute but hard

Cute but VERY HARD!!!

I keep dying when I jump on rock!it's. Kinda fun.it reminds of what scar told simba in the lion king after mufasa died.run away simba run away and never return! I love the lion king.IT IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :3 :3 :3

5 starz

It reminds me when simba is returning to the pride lands in the lion king. Both simbas are running through the desert!!



Bad app

I hate this app don't get it waste of memory

Bad one

The is the worst app ever, it takes forever to jump, and not immediately when you touch the screen. and HD?? It's barely SD. Simply, just DON'T download it

i like it

i have no idea what people r talkin about... it is very fun and worth it dont llisten to anyone else who says its dumb... just get it... it takes a little longer to download though but worth it 

Waste of time

It took forever to load...I wouldn't recommend this at all ):

Waste of time

This is the dumbest app ever. Definitely NOT worth the time. Smh


Not worthed

False App

I bought this.... it didn't work so I reinstalled it. NOTHING!!! Then I read the other reviews! This is BS!!!! I want my $ back too!!!


This app is a total rip off. It tries to start and just crashes. want my money back!!!!

that is too bad

can't even work in my ipad. I want my money back!!!!

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